General FAQs

Who are we?
Melcom Travels is an IATA accredited travel agent for all major airlines operating out of Ghana. Our mission is to bring convenient and affordable travel to our customers’ doorstep. We specialize in corporate and business travel, providing customized and uniquely tailored travel packages.
How is Melcom Travels different to other online travel portals?
We are proud to announce that Melcom Travels offer online credit and debit card payment options. Booking trips has never been so quick, easy and convenient!
Once I've begun my trip, who can I contact for help?
Please email travels@melcomgroup.com or call +233 302 2252984 or Mobile: 233 545186999.
How do airlines manage pregnant women?
Rules or guidelines differ from carrier to carrier regarding which trimester pregnant women are permitted to travel in. Please check with the airline in question for rules and exceptions.
How do I request special meals?
When filling out the passenger details you have the option to select preferred meals. Please click and select an option from the drop-down list. Alternatively, you may request special meals by emailing us at
How can I book special services like a wheelchair?
After filling in your billing information make a note of this in the Remark field under Other Information. Once your booking is complete please call our office to reconfirm.
What are the restrictions for traveling with a pet?
Traveling with pets is airline specific and conditions may apply. Please review the airline website policies regarding pets before booking.
Do I need to change terminals when I’m connecting to another flight?
There are certain flights that you will change terminals and there are others you will not change terminals. This depends on the airline and the route of that journey.

Ticket & Booking FAQs

What is a multi-city trip ticket?
A multi-city flight is an advanced airline ticket which allows you to travel across the world using multiple stops; greatly increasing the value of your trip by booking extra legs with stopovers in several different cities across the globe.
What do the designations “direct” and “indirect” flights mean?
A direct flight means that you are travelling uninterrupted from the departure airport to the final destination without passing through or stopping in another airport. An indirect flight on the other hand is when you stop or transit in another airport before getting to your final destination.
What is an E-ticket?
An E-ticket is a shortened name for an electronic ticket. It allows you to travel without a paper ticket, eliminating the worry of leaving your ticket behind. An electronic ticket has a flight ticket in electronic barcode form and includes your flight confirmation and other ticket information on it. It is typically emailed to you.
I am ready to book. What do I do?
  1. On the home page, begin by selecting your trip type from the following options:
    ‘Multi city’
  2. Select your choice of Origin and Destination by either typing or choosing from the drop-down menu. Note that upon typing a valid city or airport name, clickable options will appear in a drop- down.
  3. Select your Departure and Return dates from the drop-down calendar.
  4. Select the number of passengers from each appropriate drop-down menu. Note that one (1) adult only is the default setting.
  5. Select your preferred class of travel. Note that Economy class is the default setting.
  6. Select your preferred Airline, if any. Note that ‘No Preference’ is the default setting.
  7. Check ‘Direct flights only’ if you want to see flight options with no connections. Note that this is not the default setting.
  8. Click ‘Continue’ to view flight options based on your search criteria.
  9. Select your preferred flight option by clicking on ‘Select flight’. Note that flights will appear in ascending order of price (cheapest prices will appear at the top of the page). Also note that flight details can be adjusted using the ‘Flights filter’ on the left hand side of the page, and the appropriate flight options will be updated automatically.
  10. Select one of three payment options – Credit Card, Cash at office, or Bank Transfer.
  11. Fill in passenger details for all traveling passengers.
    Note that ‘First name’ and ‘Last name’ should be exactly as they appear on the passenger’s passport.
    Select Frequent flyer details, Preferred seat and meal options if applicable (not compulsory).
  12. Fill in Contact person’s name, Phone number and E-mail address (compulsory).
    Note that this is the email address on which you will receive your flight reservation and confirmation details.
  13. Check the ‘Terms of Service’ box when you have read and accepted the conditions and click ‘Continue’.
When will my ticket be issued?
Once payment is confirmed using any of the three payment methods, your reservation will be confirmed and your ticket will be issued immediately. A ticket cannot be issued without payment confirmation.
How can I manage my booking?

Once you have a confirmed reservation, you can manage various aspects of your booking by contacting us on phone or WhatsApp: +233 545186999 or E-mail: travels@melcomgroup.com.

This includes but is not limited to changes to dates of travel, class of travel, baggage allowances, upgrades and meal preferences.

When can I cancel my flight ticket if am not travelling?
Normally, you are allowed to cancel your ticket 24 hours before your travel date to avoid a no-show or more charges/penalties
Does the airline allow name changes on the ticket?
Name changes are not allowed in any circumstance. Once the ticket is issued, the name cannot be changed. Please ensure that all details entered are accurate to avoid this issue.
Can the ticket be transferred to another person if I decide not to travel anymore?
No, airlines strictly do not allow transfer of tickets into another person’s name.
Can I add a passenger to my existing reservation?
You may only add an infant to an existing ticket as they do not require a seat. Except for infants, you cannot add any person to an existing ticket.
Can I travel with a one-way ticket to any country?
Yes – provided you have a valid visa to visit that country.
Can I make a reservation over the phone?
Yes, please call us on +233 302 2252984 or Mobile: +233 545186999.
Can I book a ticket for tomorrow?
No you cannot book a ticket for tomorrow online, it is only possible to book in person by visiting our office.
Can I book a flight ticket for an unaccompanied child?
Yes, you can book a flight ticket for an unaccompanied child between the ages of 5 and 16. You will be required to provide information about: the child’s parents or guardian and the address and contact of where the child is travelling to. Some countries also require that you have a notarized consent letter allowing the child (minor) to travel from the parents or guardian. Note that all formalities have to be completed directly with the airline at least 48 hours before travel.
Do I need to confirm my flight reservation before I fly?
You may confirm your reservations online, using your booking reference number. However, once your ticket has been issued, confirming your reservation before you fly is typically not required.

Check-In FAQs

How can I check-in online, what is the process?
Most airlines now have apps that allow you to check-in online 24-48 hours before departure time. You will need your basic flight and passport information. You may also check in online via the airline website. It is recommended to check-in online to save time upon arriving at the airport. For some airlines, not all departure cities allow online check-in, in which case you will be prompted on the website/app to check in at the departure city airport terminal.
Do I have to show proof of my identity at the check-in?
Yes, with the travel document being used (passport or national ID depending on travel destination).
What will happen if I get to the airport later than my check-in time?
Your ticket will be a no-show and you will not be allowed to board the flight. Please always arrive at the airport in good time before your flight and try checking in online 24 hours before your flight.

Baggage FAQs

What is my baggage allowance?
Most airlines allow you to take 2-pieces, each no more than 23kg, and a carry-on of no more than 5-7kg. You may purchase extra luggage permitted by the airline at their extra cost.
How can I buy extra baggage?
Extra baggage can be bought on the airline’s website or at the check-in counter at the airport. It should be noted that all airlines have different rates or charges for buying extra baggage apart from the free baggage allowance you are being allowed to carry.
What goods can I carry in my luggage?
Before you travel, you have to check with the airline for goods that are permitted and those that aren’t permitted.

Fares & Payments FAQs

Do I have to pay in full straight away?
This depends - some 'special offers' require payment to be made at the time of booking. Others may be paid a few days after booking. Travel tip - pay early, that way we issue the ticket early and you avoid possible fare increases.
How can I pay?
1) By cash 2) By Credit/Debit card payments 3) By Bank Transfer
What is the difference between refundable and non-refundable fares?
The difference is with refundable fares, a traveler can get some amount of their money back when they cancel the ticket whilst with non-refundable fares, the traveler cannot get any money back after cancelling.
When can I expect my refund?
Refunds take a minimum of 2 weeks for processing.
How much is the penalty fee?
The penalty or fees depends on the airline. Each airline has their own charges and fees which are based on the type of ticket purchased. At the time of purchase the customer is made aware of any fees or penalties.
Can you hold a booking for free?
We cannot hold your bookings for free, since a booking done without payment gets auto cancelled by the airline in 24 hours.
Can senior citizens obtain discounts?
Unfortunately senior citizens can no longer obtain discounts.
What is a child fare?

Infants under 2 years:

  • Tickets for infants travelling on the parent’s lap or in a bassinet are discounted from the full adult fare.
  • Infants less than seven days old will only be allowed on board in the case of travel for emergency medical reasons (in incubators) or if the mother is travelling on compassionate grounds.

Children 2-11 years:

  • Tickets for children travelling in a separate seat are also discounted from the full adult fare.
  • Any person 2 years or older must occupy a seat when travelling. Therefore, any infant who reaches the age of 2 after the commencement of the journey must pay the applicable child fare and is required to occupy a seat for that part of the journey.
  • Where a passenger is an infant but is 2 years or older on travel date at point of origin, the applicable child fare will apply for entire journey.

Visa & Passports Assistance

What documents are required to travel?
For domestic flights a government issued ID is required. For International flights you require: passport, visa (where applicable), reservation confirmation and vaccination card(s). Please be advised to check if you need a visa for your travel destination.
Is a visa mandatory for international travel?
It depends on the destination and nationality of the person travelling. There are some countries that certain nationalities do not need a visa to travel there. Please research this before making a booking.
Do I need a transit visa?
Not always. There are some countries that you can transit in for 24 hours without a transit visa.
Do children and infants need passports to travel?
Yes, children and infants need passports to travel. For babies their information can be attached to their mother's passport.

Frequent Flyer Program FAQs

What is frequent flyer program/number?
A Frequent-flyer Program (FFP) is a loyalty program offered by an airline. Many airlines have frequent-flyer programs designed to encourage customers enrolled in the program to accumulate points (also called miles, kilometers or segments) which may then be redeemed for air travel or other rewards. A frequent-flyer number is the account number that the airline of your choice provides you to accumulate miles every time you travel.
How may I obtain a frequent flyer number?
This can be done on the airline’s website and should be completed prior to booking a flight on that airline.
What information do I need to open a frequent flyer account?
1) Full name 2) Home address 3) Telephone number 4) Passport details.
How can I earn a free airline ticket?
When you join the frequent flyer program of one or more airline carrier, you will earn miles each time you fly. Once a certain amount of miles has been accumulated, you will become eligible for rewards such as upgrades and free tickets. Policies, terms and conditions vary depending on the airline carrier. Please visit the official website of the airline carrier to learn more.

Insurance FAQs

Can I purchase insurance for my trip?
Yes. After filling in your billing information make a note of this in the Remark field under Other Information. Once your booking is complete please call our office to reconfirm.
What if there is a travel emergency?
We have a dedicated 24/7 Service. In case of emergencies, delays, cancellations, missed flights or other travel related questions during the weekend or evenings you can contact us. This emergency service operates at the highest level of service when you need it the most. Please contact our agency via email travels@melcomgroup.com or call +233 302 2252984 or Mobile: +233 545186999.